Friday, October 5, 2007

Purple & Green - A Few of My Favorites From EBSQ

Today I discovered (delightfully!) a pair of my earrings featured in an Etsy Treasury. I just created these earrings for the new season - one of my favorites!

I LOVE the transitional seasons: Autumn & Spring. I enjoy change. The change in the weather, new blooms, fall foliage, new birth, slumbering earth.

You can view this wonderful Treasury until Sunday, August 7th - just click the image!

This treasury was wonderfully created by Eclectic Elements. You can view some wonderful handmade jewelry & craft at their Etsy site by clicking the banner below.


beornica said...

ditto to the enth! Transitional seasons are the best. I'm so happy summer is officially over and autumn is here... now if only the summer weather would be on it's way. I'm waiting for it to get cool so I can make stews and wear sweaters, but my husband's saying "thank you, global warming!" Yeesh.

Hey guess what? I'm super psyched, too! I got featured on someone's blog!
I found out at like 1 am last night, and I was so psyched that I was up till 3:30 and even THEN got into bed and chattered excitedly to my mostly-asleep husband for like half an hour... lol poor guy...

Staci Rose said...


That's what grrlfriends are time just give me a call and chatter all you want! ;-D