Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fiercely Independent - A Rose of a Different Color

I've never been the "bad girl" in my family (maybe on occasion but I left most of that to my sister!) and for sure I have always been the black sheep, odd-ball, dances to a different drummer, artistic weird-o. Honestly, while these character traits have been known to drive my friends and family crazy, I mostly enjoy being me, and they enjoy the handmade gifts! Which is why I felt a sly thrill to see the title let alone the feature of my work on Art Life Newsblog!

Pippit Carlington, the genius behind Art Life Newsblog is also the creative genius behind Giftbearer - Stand Out! ***Distinctive Quality Jewelry***, a shop on Etsy. When you visit her shop you will find exactly what she promises - wearable works of art. Please click on the banner below to visit her shop!

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