Sunday, October 21, 2007

Whozits and Whatzits Galore

Some great Whatyamacallits. A little bit of everything.

Artists not only create the beautiful portraits, dreamy watercolored floral arrangements, or stunning landscapes that adorn your walls. Artists paint, and sculpt, felt, collage, photograph - they are involved with functional art like pottery, glassworks and jewelry, clothing design and quilt making. Artists influence architecture and landscape, create company logos and branding as well as the commercial that accompanies that after the movie or television show you just watched that artists of myriad backgrounds came together to create. Because, that's what artists do - we create.

Among other things, I create sets of distinguishable wine charms and was very pleased to see my fishies featured in a new Treasury. Please click on the image to view until Wednesday, October 24th.

Pop-o-licious Art by Kris Jean created this Treasury and I am pleased to support her fabulous art, as well! Her art is distinguished by bold colors, contrasts, and lines! Always unique, always a combination of a lot of influences. Please click on her banner below to visit her Etsy shop.

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belinha said...

Hello Stacy!!Thank you so much for your kind words!I'm thinking about the best way to share my work with others because several people are saying they want it!But I still don't have the idea.I saw what you do.I admire people who does this kind of work because beeds and other things are so tiny.It makes me nervous evem to think about working with beeds.Plus I tried once to do a necklace and it was a terrible piece...Have a nice week!And thanks once again for the encouragment!