Monday, October 8, 2007

in cinq - a wonderful view of humanity

If you haven't visited already, I'd like to suggest you take a few minutes of your day and visit a wonderful site I luckily stumbled upon.

Adria Belgassi is the author of Cinq Drawer, an international community art project. 9 words + self portrait = cinqpic. Contribute yours today and get "in cinq" with the world. Click on the banner above to view her site!

You can even contribute! The guidelines seem simple enough - but trying to sum up your entire being in 9 words and one picture is a little more challenging which makes it all the more interesting. And, I absolutely enjoy every second I read through the myriad contributions made by my fellow humans.

This is my contribution:

This is where I am right now in time. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my contribution - I hope you enjoy in cinq, too!


Adria Balgassi said...

Thanks so much for participating. :D

Bronwyn, said...

Hello StaciRose, remember me? I found in cinq a few days back too, & you can see my painted self portrait there, if you like?
How busy are you at the moment, SR? I ask because I have a favour to ask of you: remember the gorgeous earrings I purchased from you? Well, I'm in need of some more, somewhat like those, in a hurry: I need them to be posted in the next few days, if possible! Are you in a making mood? It's my daughter's highschool formal (senior prom) & I have a dark mulberry (brownish side of purple, probably between red & purple but dark) top to wear, & would like gems in this colour, with black in the earrings, too. Probably silver, or black/silver metal if you have it, rather than gold, owing to the brooch which is part of the top. Less chain/metal, more gems, just as long as what I purchased from you. The colour is like on page 4 of your etsy, the mulberry coloured pearls. Are you able to help - please? :-)