Monday, October 1, 2007


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I like TalentDatabase. It find the site a wonderful place to network with other artists in a vary large planet where I might not otherwise be able to do so. I was equally excited about introducing the site to my fellow WWAO members and am proud to announce that today, two members have been featured as Most Popular on their fashion channel.

The Fashion Channel represents all creative works in style and couture. From concepts on paper to finished works of wearable art, designers and fabricators can promote their talents to the World of Fashion.

Please click on their images below to visit them on TalentDatabase!


Born and raised in Maryland near Washington DC...I went to Hood College in Frederick, MD and received degrees in Math Secondary Ed, and Psychology. Married a Norwegian and moved to Norway in 1991. I learned the filigree technique in Norway. I returned to the USA in 2005 after the death of my husband in 2003 and have settled in Asheville, NC.

Glass Cat Jewels by Laura Dawson

Fused glass, dichroic glass, hand etched glass, and stained glass designs inspired by Nature in general, trees, insects, animals (especially cats), and people.

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