Saturday, October 6, 2007

Emma Alvarez Thinks I'm Nice!

I always enjoy reading the tidbits of information on Emma's blog about, "Cultural curiosities, stories of History, music, cinema, art, nature... And much to tell." The topics vary greatly and hold my interest almost always - a true feat in an "instant gratification" kind of culture!

Emma was gracious enough to give me the Nice Matters award. I am truly thrilled and honored that she thought of me and my little blog! Thank you!

Okay, now, for those of you that know me and have seen my refrigerator magnets and would never describe me as 'nice', before you start groaning and laughing hysterically, please remember that this is for my blog. And, then, also remember you probably have something I loaned to you two years ago and have yet to see it but have never said a word.

I will say this...I am not a fan of injustice. I am a tolerant person, I do not judge easily, and carry with me a huge amount of empathy. I try to keep a sense of humor, but not at other's expenses', but I believe there's a lot to be said for being able to laugh at yourself. I am also a contradiction...I am guarded and trusting, conversationally frank yet emotionally deep. And while I may never use the word 'nice' to describe my own person, I am extremely happy someone believes my blog is nice!

Please visit Emma Alvarez's Blog and enjoy her musings, random information, and enjoyable entries as much as I do! Simply click on the banner below and be whisked away to visit her!


Erina Hart said...

Congratulations Staci! You are nice, and it does matter :)

beornica said...

Congratulations!!! You deserve it, you're SUPER DUPER nice. Although I do always say "nice" is the lamest excuse for a word, and it's certainly too bland for YOU. But still....!