Friday, October 19, 2007

Everything Will Be Okay

I visited my Blog Catalog account and saw that I had a visit from Nick Georgaki and decided to take a gander at their site in return. I'm not familiar with a lot of the content, but some of it definitely caught my eye.

I was especially glad to see this:

You can view Nick’s Georgakis technology homepage by clicking the banner below!


Nick Georgakis said...

Hello Staci,
Thanks for the visit and for one of the best reviews anyone has done for content in my site!
I am in no way an art/jewelery expert but I think you are creating some of the most beautiful things I have seen! If only you were EU based (custom clearances is both costly and bothersome) I would have definitely
ordered some gifts for a few friends!
Congratulations also for the very nice and clutter free site design.

Wishing always the best!

Nick Georgakis

Staci Rose said...

Nick! Thank you! :) I have many customers in Europe and Australia. Please feel free to contact me directly if something strikes your fancy!

Thank you, again!