Sunday, October 7, 2007

Special WWAO Online Showcase Exhibit: October Member Show

22 of Worldwide Women Artists Online's over 300 members are exhibiting exciting works of art in a variety of mediums. Come on in and see the exhibit "Anything Animal" from now until October 31, 2007!

Hosted by Equine Artist Donna Ridgway, painting animals and scenery with a generous dash of color and light, Donna creates art in her Vaughn, Mt studio. A self taught artist, Donna uses complementary color schemes, coupled with a play of light against dark, to create an element of drama in her work. Coming from a family that homesteaded on the Rocky Mountain Front, her ranch life background influences her choice of subjects. Her enthusiasm for her work spurs her on to create many paintings each year.

The 22 exhibiting artists will be showcasing a variety of mediums and styles. Ridgway has put together an excellent, creative and interestingly themed show. Among them, my original Brecciated Jasper, Turquoise & Pony Pendant Necklace "Desert Mustang", which I am very proud to exhibit! You can also find this piece listed for purchase at my Etsy Shop: Staci Rose Designs.

Click on the banner below to visit the exhibit and view some fabulous art for purchase and perusal!


beornica said...

How inspiring! Now I want to start painting horses...
why on earth haven't I joined wwao yet???

Staci Rose said...

I think applications have been suspended for awhile...but, no kidding, why haven't you joined?!!!

Just click on the WWAO icon in the post and choose the become a member section. Fill it out and voila! You should hear back from one of the administrators.