Sunday, October 14, 2007

It feels like rain..........

A few days ago, my husband walked through the bedroom and whined to me, "I think it's going to rain." And, later that evening, it did. The Bay Area got a nicely needed dousing of water from above. But, after knee surgery, back surgery, jaw surgery, several other surgical procedures I won't go into (but let me tell you how adversity drives the artistic need!) I understand what he means. I, too, know what it's like to be a human barometer!

Which is why I found Heide's latest Treasury featuring my earrings so very appropriate and ironic! Just click on the image to view her Treasury until Monday, October 15th.

Heide has been a great supporter of my art and a fabulous "advertiser" via her Treasury's. I have spoken to her briefly, but always appreciate when she features my work! Please click on her banner to view some of her wonderful art!


beornica said...

Holy surgeries!!!! You poor fing.
:( ::hugs::
Eek, I know, I hate feeling the rain coming on, too. I get it in my ankles, hips and knuckles. I'm too bloody young, fer cryin out loud. ::grumbles::
Nice treasury!!! You're such a great blogger. Always something new! I've been holding off for the past week, and things to blog about are piling up, but I've been TRYING to get my hubby to take pictures of me in my new pretties! That takes precedent!

Staci Rose said...

Thanks...I feel the exact same way. I am far too young for all this crap!

I keep checking your blog to see pictures of you in your new pretties...As soon as I do, you know they're going up on my blog, too!!!

Staci Rose said...

Funny story about my back surgery! It was scheduled for 06/06/06 (666!). My husband and I kept seeing those billboards for The Omen, and laughing our heads off!

(the surgery was successful!)

beornica said...

check it, babeh!
I finally just bypassed my hubby and had my friend take the photos. Girlfriends are better at portraits anyway, cause they know enough to be like "hmm, your neck looks kinda fat in this one, try turning your head a little..." Husbands, no matter how much of "an eye" they have, just point and click when it comes to pictures of wifey. Which is endearing, yet valueless. ;)