Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Niece Rocks

A few months ago, my niece went to her first high school Home Coming Dance. While several boys did ask her to go as their date, she decided to go with her girlfriends instead. (A smart move - not that I'm overprotective, but she would just have a better time!) And, she had a fabulous time!

My sister called after the girls had gussied up and gone to the dance. We both were amazed at how my niece, born 3 months early at 1lb. 7oz. had turned into this bright, beautiful young lady. AND! She wore a pair of earrings I created - I was so proud, so ecstatic!

I made sure to send her an embarrassing, gushing email later telling her how proud I am of her. She didn't respond to that one...I told you she was smart!

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