Friday, November 2, 2007

The Avatar's Got Me

Michelle Mahler believes,
"You can say a lot in that little box, don't forget to look."

This is my avatar:

This is the fabulous Etsy Treasury she created. It's a creative idea that features some creative work. I'm proud to say, it also includes one of my Signature Swirl polymer clay pendants. Please click on the image below to view through Monday, October 5th.

Please visit Michelle Mahler's Etsy shop: Teka and Zoe's Jewelry. An Eclectic mix of Interesting & Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry using Unusual Beads & Stones. Made from Sterling, Fine Silver or Brass. Plus a mixed bag of Jewelry makin's, some textiles, maybe stuff for wearable art...all hoping to inspire you. Click on the banner to visit her shop!

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dianeclancy said...

Hi Staci,

Thank you for coming by and giving me feedback ... and welcoming me!!

Nice post on Etsy ... I will go check them out.

~ Diane Clancy