Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Staci Rose Designs & Elle Belle

Stacey, (for some reason, I LOVE her name!) a fellow Etsy artist, wrote a wonderful feature about me and my work on her blog, Elle Belle.

And, I am VERY glad she chose to write specifically about these earrings...the 'Mother's Earrings'. Everyone I have made these for consider them an extremely special piece they hold close to their hearts. It's a fashion accessory! But, it's a little piece of their children, friends, grandchildren, lovers...probably one of my most cherished creations.

"I love wearing my mother's earrings. They're very special."
- Sharon S., Portland, OR

"Very beautiful earrings! Great quality.
I am very happy to have these! Thank you!"
- Lori L., Yuba, CA

"Staci, you've outdone yourself! These are gorgeous!!"
- Angelina K., Denver, CO

Here are other examples:

Elle Belle ~ for Chick Mommies and Pampered Babies
Elle Belle is the place to find handmade, boutique quality baby items that make being a Mom easier and more fun! It all started when I and a few of my friends started making things for our own children and realized that even though we each only had one or two things we specialize in, colaborating is more fun and makes for a shop full of things we all absolutely couldn't live without. Happy Shopping! Click on the banner below to purchase some of her fabulous functional art!

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