Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Umm...I Think That's My Drink.

I've seen it a hundred times, the one guy that drinks WAY too much sauvignon blanc, starts acting like a jerk, forgetting his glass, drinking out of any wine glass that has some red liquid in it, turning off the guests so people leave after about an hour and your party is ruined.

All because you don't have wine charms.

Really, one of the niftiest little inventions that very beautifully wrap around your stemware and let your guests distinguish their glass from another's.

Whether you just forgot where you put it down or you've had eight too many, wine charms help you avoid the faux pas and enjoy yourself. And, if you do find a theme you enjoy for your wine charms, make sure they are different enough for the most inebriated to find their glass. Having eight wine charms with the same charm and the same color will only lead to drunken embarrassment.

So, please, visit my Etsy shop, purchase a set for yourself, one for a loved one...I can even create custom orders with themes that are special to you or your friends. These are handmade gifts - functional art that will save your parties.

1 comment:

Erina Hart said...

I adore wine charms, Staci. You are very right. They are an excellent thing to have.

You have created some beautiful sets here. I'm sure you will sell out quickly :)