Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Into The Inkpot & the I [Heart] Blogs and Stars Award

I love reading Erina Hart's blog Into the Inkpot. It is a visually and emotionally expressive site that I find absolutely captivating. Please enjoy her site as much as I have by clicking the image below:

Little did I know a lovely surprise was awaiting me at her website! She had recently (and very deservingly!) received the "I [Heart] Blogs and Stars" and graciously passed it on to me and my humble little blog! I thank her from the bottom of my blog heart.

As the title implies, this award is to be given to bloggers whose blog you enjoy. The award was created by Tish and Mike at BlogsWeLove. I would like to pass the love on to the following bloggers:
Sherry's Creative Corner


52 Cupcakes

Kastroll Kreations

Learning to Step Lightly


Please take a moment to enjoy these artists, writers, providers of information and entertainment. I hope you appreciate their ability to share their love through their blogs as much as I do!


Erina Hart said...

You really do deserve this award. I’m so pleased that you enjoy having it. Keep up all of the amazing work. I do love your blog!

Staci Rose said...

Thank you...that totally made me blush. :)

Ann said...

this is wonderful!!! really, thanks for taking the time to do it

Cathy ~o said...

I agree you do deserve this award, your work is wonderful! Thanks for thinking mine was good enough to pass the award on to me :-)