Monday, September 3, 2007

Sherry's Creative Corner - Something to Think About

While visiting Sherry's blog I came across this excellent entry:

1. I create anything my mind stumbles upon. I paint, write, sing, bead, design jewelry. I like to keep my hands busy with crafts like wine cork trivets, mahjonng menorahs, wine stoppers, wine charms, decorated boxes, picture frames, and mirrors, test tube mezuzah, custom orders.

2. I remember the junk drawer. My parents had a drawer in the kitchen by the phone that had all the odd bits and pieces of a home. I took the screws and pen caps and empty spools and would create diaramas.

3. My inspiration comes from my life, experiences, the odd meanderings of my brain. When I create jewelry, I do what the beads tell me to do.

4. My favorite tools are my paintbrushes. They are beautiful, worn, work hard for me, and let me paint exactly what I want - sometimes whether or not I thought so. (My second favorite would have to be white clay - what else lets you pulverize it without giving you a bad feeling afterwards?!!)

5. Since my creative process is so varied, I'd have to say that is my favorite part!

6. There is no motivation. There is only me. It's just who I am, I can't turn it on and off, decide not to think or create.

7. My main goal within the next 6-12 months is to network, blog, create. This blog is a lot of fun and I have met some wonderful people I wouldn't have otherwise. I belong to several communities - WWAO, Etsy, EBSQ, Ebay - and am grateful for the give and take of ideas and support. And, I can't help creating! I just can't!

8. Words to describe my work: functional, unique, one-of-a-kind, abstract, sincere, emotional, passionate, helpful, tactile.

9. Some of my favorite designers/artists include masters like Monet and Rembrandt, contemporary artists like Michael Parkes, Joan Miro, and Irving Amen and self-representing artists such as Melia Dawn Newman, Diane Casey, Mark Seabrook, Veronique Perron, Jennifer Lommers, Margaret Conte, Lisa Bartlett, Jessica Torrant, Mandy Budan, Angelina Kasroll, Robin Tucker, H. Hinkle, Julie Persons, Fabio Napoliani, and David Torres. Of course, the diverse artistry of the members of WWAO!

10. The perfect day is filled with friends and family, love and sharing, creating that piece I am so proud of that I am almost surprised it came from my being, and a day free from my chronic pain. Sigh...

Please feel free to express your feelings in the comments section!

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