Saturday, April 12, 2008

When I Grow Up...I Want Be a Potter

And, really, don't we all. I mean, after seeing the movie Ghost, I think that did it for most women in America if not the entire movie watching world...

I first started working with clay when I was in High School. I had four classes my senior year, all Advanced English, Advanced History, blah blah, and Ceramics! I had to drag myself up to the school at 8am and it was my first class of the day. And it was great! I loved the handbuilding methods and the abundant creativity it allowed me! Our teacher had been a potter for years and had an excellent attitude, and I enjoyed hanging out at the back of the table with the other artsy weirdos like me.

Fast forward to an AWFUL lasted just about as long as our relationship. Did I say AWFUL?!! I had a need to pund something that wouldn't cry and I joined an open class at the local Jewish Community Center. It was affordable, I got to handbuild all the ceramic pieces my imagination could handle, and I got to pound wet clay until all the air bubbles were gone and maybe a little while longer if I wanted to.

I was very proud to see my ceramic scroll bowl featured in Torrie Smiley's Etsy Treasury. You can view it until Wednesday, April 16 just by clicking below.

Torrie is awesome, fabulous, talented as heck - check out her shop!

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