Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life Gets in the Way & Two Great Gals!

¡Mi Dios! ¡No puedo utilizar mis manos! ¡Soy tan joven! ¿Qué ha sucedido a mi vida?

Diva, 9x12" Oil on Canvas Paper

Hi. My name is Staci and it's been nine days since my last post. My life feels like a soap opera but not as interesting...

I just hate it when life gets in the way. For those of you just tuning in, the joints in my hands and arms have been sore and weak and it's causing me pain. They think it's arthritis (yeah! ...oh, wait.) and they've given me medication to help stop the deterioration, but it will take one to three months to kick in. And, as a side-effect, I could go blind. I'm also going nuts - thank goodness I still have a sense of humor!

So, I actually got a good smile on my face yesterday; two wonderful artists created Etsy Treasuries and included some of my work!

First, Torrie Smiley, an artist I love and adore and is excellently supportive, created a Treasury called Art: Original art from my friends at WWAO and EBSQ. They happen to be two of my favorite artist's groups, too, and it was a nice bonus that she included my Great for Guys Necklace!

Then, Tracey Allyn Greene, an artist I love and adore and mutually support, created a Treasury called Primaries: A few of my favorites. It's a fabulous display of primary colors in art and I was thrilled to see my ceramic splatter bowl included!

Please click on their banners to view their fabulous work!

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