Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some Framed Goodies!

Attention! I created some new picture frames and am extremely excited to share them with you! For these frames, I had different inspirations.

1. The pieces themselves (I felt very clever and had a ton of fun using the glass pieces as bubbles for the drink!)

2. I also thought of one of my dearest friends and decided to create a Curious George picture frame. I love that girl and she loves Curious George!

3. A request I get a lot! Camping, hiking, outdoor sports are loved and those memories look fabulous in a frame like this one. (if I do say so myself...)

These frames have not yet been posted in my shops - please feel free to send purchase inquiries directly to my email address! Thanks for taking a peek!


Mommy Bits said...

What cute little frames. I love the curious george one!

Cookie Sunshine said...

Staci, these are so cute!
I like them.