Monday, April 14, 2008

Night, Dream, Black, Green: With an Owl, Other Night Birds, and Many Moons!

From Left to Right:
'My Guys' Chanukeah/Menorah, 'Spring' Serving Dish,
'Of the Earth' Candlesticks, 'Handle Me Gently' Bowl

Not long after I created my last post did I find Marie's wonderful Etsy Treasury. And, absolutely fabulously, she included my ceramic scroll bowl! Please enjoy this treasury by clicking below until Tuesday, April 15th!

atelier marie mella - original and unique oil paintings

my name is marie, I am a full time professional painter, living in germany. welcome! My preferred paintings are the old flemish highly colored so called primitive (:-) If one day one painting of mine gets the slightest flair of these jolly companions, I will be so happy (:-) Working hard on texture, color and detail, I'd like to see my artwork going towards a kind of "primitive abstract" style.

She's a doll AND a wonderful artist! Click on her banner below to view the wonderful work in her shop!

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