Saturday, April 26, 2008

$25 and Under - Something for All!

I have been sucking on matzoh for quite some time now (don't get me wrong...Passover is my favorite holiday. what better thing to celebrate than 'once we were slaves and now we are free'?!!) , but there's been A LOT of matzoh and not a lot of variety. But, I was happily surprised to hear from Samantha of Anam Cara Candles. I love this girrl and just the thought of her delicious candles made me feel better!

She created a fabulous treasury featuring excellent artists and their affordable work...cuz' let's face it, the economy right now ain't so hot, but needs and wants don't always change as quickly. (The pursuit of happiness sometimes costs a few dollars...) And, I'm glad to say she included one of my gemstone bracelets; doubly glad to add that I do not mark up the cost of my work to indulge a reputation instead of having a self-assured confidence that shows in the things my customers say all the time. (major warm fuzzies there!) I've been thinking a bit about the economy lately, can you tell?

But, you can view this Etsy Treasury until Tuesday, April 29 by clicking the image below!

Anam Cara Candles - Warm your Spirit, Soul & Senses

Anam Cara is Irish-Gaelic for "soul friend"

Greetings & Welcome to Anam Cara Candles!
Anam Cara is the place to come to nourish your spirit. While candles are practical and ornamental, they are also healing and celebratory. Our candles are made from 100% soy, with NO chemical additives, dyes or petroleum by-products. We have beautiful collections for you to choose from, whether your candles are for decorative purposes or personal intentions, you may bask in the glow of your natural candle.

Now GO! Visit her shop because I KNOW from my own experience you will NOT regret it!

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Sandi said...

Hi Staci,
Just stopped in to say hello. Hope you are enjoying your Wishes from OWOH. I have them in my Etsy shop now.