Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Least Favorite Color

I'm not the biggest fan of pastels, myself. I enjoy big, bold colors that you know have something to say without having to use one word.

Allison, a fellow artist, created an Etsy Treasury and explains her title in this way:

"My father was a nursery man and he loved green. Our house was green, his vehicle was green, and he wore green clothes. It has taken me many years to even look at the color green but in deference to my dad I picked most of these green creations. By the way, I drew the line when he wanted me to wear green blouses and pay for them out of my own salary."

You can see these wonderful creations, including one of my signature swirl polymer clay pendants, by clicking the image below until Saturday, January 12th:

By Allison
Polymer clay has been a way to satisfy that inner artist in me. Being able to own my business, create what I love, and offering it for sale is a lifelong dream. Click on her banner to view her phenomenal work!

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