Friday, January 11, 2008

Be Still My Heart

Sometimes you have one of those days, weeks, months...lives...and need to hear with your own ears, see with your own eyes, feel with you own body, that there is still love in the universe just for you.

I have long admired Elis Cooke and find that much of her art emotes that such a love exists for us all. And, I feel elated to find my Hearts & Kisses magic Mirror included in her Etsy Treasury. You can view the love until Saturday, January 12th, by clicking the image below:

Into the Blystic - Elis Cooke Original Art
Mixed Media, Handmade Paper Collage, Abstract, Bookarts and Monotypes. She has strong interests in making her own paper, bas relief, printmaking and mixing up media! And, exquisite doesn't even begin to describe her work! Enjoy for yourself by clicking her banner:

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