Monday, January 28, 2008

Longing for Warmth

San Francisco is unlike any city in California. There are no definite seasons, weather is unpredictable, and right now we are experiencing rain, and wind, and miserable weather causing random black-outs.

However, we could also be talking about mid-summer! And, like Elis Cooke, fellow Etsy artist and EBSQ & WWAO member, I am longing for a little warmth! She created a wonderful Etsy Treasury, ecstatically including my splatter ceramic bowl! You can view by clicking the image below until Tuesday, January 29th:

Into the Blystic - Elis Cooke Original Art
Mixed Media, Handmade Paper Collage, Abstract, Bookarts and Monotypes. She has strong interests in making her own paper, bas relief, printmaking and mixing up media! And, exquisite doesn't even begin to describe her work! Enjoy for yourself by clicking her banner below:

1 comment:

dianeclancy said...

Hi Staci,

Wow again! Congrats on being in a Treasury! You go girl!!

Elis' work is incredible in my book ... it uplifts me so much and inspires me with the colors and designs!!

~ Diane Clancy