Sunday, August 5, 2007

Personalized Bead Box - for Beginners and All Ages!

My cousin David and I are less than one year apart in age. He is married to Irina, a wonderful woman and they have two children: Maiya (3 in November), and Maksim (6 months). For all intents and purposes - they are my niece and nephew, I am their aunt. And I LOVE it!

Maiya LOVES beads! She loves jewelry, loves making it, wearing it, getting it. (It's cute now, but her future significant other may be in for it!) And, as a jewelry maker, I am so excited to help her with this and be there with her as she grows.

So, when David called to tell me that she put a bead up her nose, it got lodged there, and they had to rush her to the doctor's office, it got me thinking, "Maybe I should put something together that is age appropriate." This is what I came up with:

I can't wait to give this to her for her third birthday! I found a wonderful sectioned box that her little fingers should be able to open and close easily. I added large beads with large holes for longer necklaces - necklaces that do not need clasps. I included wood, plastic, glass, polymer clay, vintage lucite, large porcelain pendants, large copper pendant - just to begin with!

My girlfriend Sue (whom I love and adore!) needed a gift for her 5 year old cousin and I offered to make one of these boxes for her as well. Since I know she is no longer exploring her body, I was able to include smaller beads, clasps, and more fragile pieces like shells.

Each box is adorned with hand painted letters of their name and an embellishment that reflects their interests or just makes the whole look darn cute! I will never use stickers - stickers fade and peel and over time just don't keep their appearance fresh. The embellishments on both of these boxes were created with wood but I also use sturdy molded plastic and metals as well.

I am confident, as a jewelry maker and designer, that I can put together a great bunch of beads - for boys and girls of all ages. Even adult beginners! I have been working with beads and gemstones for over 15 years - please contact me if I can create one of these special pieces for you!

I will also be posting this at my Etsy shop (just click the link at the top left of the page). I can't wait to put together your interests, add that personal touch, and feed your need to create!


Aria Images by Melody said...

Those are so adorable!!!! :) Might have to get one for my niece! :)

Tara said...

Very cool! My niece is sooo into beading right now.. it's awesome to watch her thought process as she puts together colours and textures and whatnot.. Your bead box is a great idea!!

Staci Rose said...

These have been so much fun! I kept seeing these terrible sets with awful looking beads everywhere. None very age appropriate or really intended to last very long. (And, then there's my own niece! Oy!)

And, the personalization is meaningful. I'm fortunate to be working on one soon for a young girl whose name isn't very "popular". As Staci with an "i", I completely empathize and am very happy to create something special with her name on it! :D