Saturday, February 2, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

I've been complaining about the recent weather in San Francisco. Honestly, if it wasn't storming every other day for months, I might not. But, after knee surgery and back surgery I've become a human barometer and not only is wet-all-day, storming and power outages inconvenient, but it is physically uncomfortable and painful, as well.

SO! In come the little things in life that are able to sweeten the most sour. My 9-month old nephew, Maksim, in Boston has been having difficulties sleeping on a schedule. And, since I happened to be on the phone, they put the phone to his ear and I sang to him, "You Are My Sunshine". (As a bonus, I'm a singer and know the second verse!) Apparently, he kept absolutely still listening to my song over the phone.

I miss him. And, it was JUST the sweetest thing! I was so excited to find a onsie at A Laine Designs on Etsy that I could send to him for Valentine's Day. In fact, I was even able to snag a Treasury and dedicate it to the Sunnier side of art! Please visit by clicking on the image below by Tuesday, February 5th:

Just in case you miss this Etsy Treasury, you can ALWAYS visit these fabulous artists by visiting their Etsy Shops! Just click on the names below:

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dianeclancy said...

Hi Staci,

How sweet about your nephew!! You again have done a wonderful job showcasing others' art!!

You rock!!

Having physical issues is quite a bother!!!!

~ Diane Clancy