Friday, February 22, 2008

High School Color

I attended two high schools...neither had the greatest color combos. The first, was SUPPOSED to be gold and blue. doesn't translate into fabric unless it's lamet, and I'd LOVE to see a bunch of football players touting that uniform!

The second was white and bleh green. Wasn't quite olive, wasn't quite kelly, a nondescript green paired with the absence of color - white. Bleh.

It was funny to bring back these memories when I saw the Etsy Treasury that the shopowner of AbbilyBabbily created. She even included my dotted polymer clay pendant! Click on the image to view until Sunday, February 24th:

Hello and thanks for coming to my Etsy shop, AbbilyBabbily! The term 'AbbilyBabbily' comes from my son on the day his little sister was born. He saw her for the first time and asked her name. When he was told Abby, he immediately called her 'AbbilyBabbily'. And it fits, she talks a lot. But, you can see her fabulous glass creations by clicking her banner below:

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