Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a Bit Corky - We Are All a Bit Corky Here

You know you're in good company with a nice bottle of wine (Riesling happens to be my favorite next to a nice Muscat for desert...) - that delicious taste rolling over your tongue...that warm feeling flowing down your throat also wrapped around your being by laughter and friendship.

Moving to San Francisco opens you up to the world of permeates the culture. Napa/Sonoma are only short drives away and people are proud to serve local wines in almost any restaurant. (Not to mention the Monterrey Bay Area - a delicious neighbor).

And, then, back where civilization began, in one of the
fewgreen havens left in the Middle East, I had the
opportunity to visit the Golan Heights winery - an
experience I will NEVER forget and always cherish. I
boldly tell you - if you have the chance to purchase or
try Yarden wines - you won't regret a single swig!

And, while we are all a little bit quirky, some artists are a bit corky...and Connie, fellow Etsy artist, was able to nicely bring them together in this fabulous Etsy Treasury! You can view these pieces as well as one of my featured Vino Hot Stuff Wine Cork Trivets by clicking the image below until Friday, February 29th:

The Crafty Wino - Corky Creations and More!
Welcome to The Crafty Wino!
Here you will find fun and useful handmade items, most of which are related to a love of wine. I crave to make things that are fun, useful, and most of the time related to my love of wine. And as I satisfy my craving I like to enjoy a nice glass of wine, whether it be a smooth Merlot or a sassy semi-sweet Missouri wine. Hence The Crafty Wino was born! I prefer variety when I create, so rarely will you see something in the shop that is exactly alike. Thanks for visiting, and check back often as I'm always making something.
Click on the banner below to visit these tasty creations!

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