Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year...Already or Finally?!!!

This year has been up and down for so many of us. Financial fears, layoffs, bailouts, home foreclosures...not to mention those experiencing, theft, medical issues (and by issues I do meant treatment AND insurance companies & HMO's...), as well as the myriad complications between people and nations...

For me, it was a year of chronic pain, surgeries, medications, therapy (of all kinds!), relationship building and collapses. Each year my nieces and nephews grow is a year I've had to love them more.

My artistic creations have slowed as my body adjusts to the new symptoms and limitations. Sometimes I feel trapped inside myself and sometimes I feel like I can't wait to get the artistic images out of my head and create the reality...every day is different.

I do wish all of you reading this, health, and joy - because if you don't have your health, you'd better keep a great sense of humor.

I wish better for your lives and the lives of people you love. That attaining dreams is a firm belief no matter if you did have to take a temp job in the meantime.

When the blizzard is over, the sky is new, and the ground is covered in soft snow and possibilities. Never believe there are no options...and give as many hugs as you can, human touch is truly underrated!

Have a wonderful 2009 and every day afterwards!

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