Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love to Customize!

I have a great imagination, if I do say so myself. I try not to mimic trends and fashions and create pieces that are true to myself. I would never create a necklace that will fall out of style in three months...I hope and believe my work extends itself through the quarrels of time.

Which is why I am excited to share a few custom orders I've completed over the last few months. I've had simple requests and tried to create pieces to suit their needs and wants. Every customer enjoyed them - which is really what makes me SO excited!!!

Love the Lighthouse:
5x7" frame with 3-D embellishments and real shells

"Hi Staci!! Just want to let you know how much E---n loves his picture frame!!! He has it sitting next to his bed. He LOVES it!! Thanks again!!" --Lori

Trees & More Trees:
4x6" frame with real twigs and "angel" leaves.

"...the...picture frame [was] extra special. Thank you!!!" --Ryan

Peter Rabbit: 5x7" frame, mixed media.

"I love this! Thank you so much for the wonderful frame. :)" --Lynda

Take it from me, customized work is fun, rewarding, and personal and in the end a meaningful piece of art to remember for a lifetime. Contact me anytime - maybe, our imaginations can come up with something wonderful!

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