Friday, May 30, 2008

So, What is on Your List? Favorite Things from My Favorite List!

Etsy has a wonderful feature where a member can "add item to favorites" or "add seller to favorites". You can click a link and poof! you have added to your list of items and sellers that are particularly special to you.

I have a list of favorites; with the amount of talent on Etsy, needless to say, my list is fairly large! Torrie Smiley decided to create an Etsy Treasury with some of her favorites. And, elatedly, she included one of my ceramic pieces! You can view until Sunday, June 1st by clicking the image below.

Now, when you're finished peeking at this Treasury, check out Torrie's work! She's a fabulous artist and a lovely human being! Just click her banner below!

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