Monday, May 5, 2008

Another May Edition - So Many Happy Flowers and Colors

Today was not a good day. I've had an unexplained pain off and on for over a year and a half. My doctors have run blood tests, ECG, Xray - you name it! The pain is so severe, it makes me cry. It's sharp and feels like someone has harpooned me through the right side of my chest...and it doesn't go away for an hour or two. I try to focus on my breathing, but in the end I'm exhausted, spent and I get the hiccups for a week or so. But, today was a little different! My doctor came up with a hypothesis! She thinks have a pinched nerve between my ribs! I'm not that thrilled about the prognosis - BUT I HAVE A PROGNOSIS! For those of you not falling apart piece by piece, this is a big deal.

So, we'll work on it...

In the meanwhile, I was filled with warm fuzzies when I saw Marie's newest Etsy Treasury. Beautiful colors, lovely art focusing on Spring (a wonderfully transitional season!) which included a pair of my gemstone earrings! Click on the image below to view until Wednesday, May 7th.

atelier marie mella - original and unique oil paintings

my name is marie, I am a full time professional painter, living in germany. welcome! My preferred paintings are the old flemish highly colored so called primitive (:-) If one day one painting of mine gets the slightest flair of these jolly companions, I will be so happy (:-) Working hard on texture, color and detail, I'd like to see my artwork going towards a kind of "primitive abstract" style.

She's absolutely lovely AND a fabulous artist! Click on her banner below to view the wonderful work in her shop!

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Cookie Sunshine said...

I hope you feel better very soon.
Sending good wishes your way.