Saturday, March 22, 2008

Golden Whisky

It's not what you think....although, I could probably use a good, stiff drink right now! The pain and weakness in my hands and arms has kept me from typing and is seriously chipping away at my sanity!

So, I definitely got the warm fuzzies when I saw Marie's Etsy Treasury, featuring fabulous art from EBSQ members - including, one of my gemstone bracelets, as well.

atelier marie mella - original and unique oil paintings

my name is marie, I am a full time professional painter, living in germany. welcome! My preferred paintings are the old flemish highly colored so called primitive (:-) If one day one painting of mine gets the slightest flair of these jolly companions, I will be so happy (:-) Working hard on texture, color and detail, I'd like to see my artwork going towards a kind of "primitive abstract" style. Click on her banner below to view the wonderful work in her shop!

1 comment:

mariechloe said...

Hello Staci !!
I just discovered (via Google !!!) the link you set to my artworks !
thank you so much !!
now you did a wonder to me, I am trying to set also a blog soon !!!!!

I was very busy these days at constructing a page on FlickR : mariechloe
here the overview-set canvas
welcome there also, and see you soon on everywhere !!!!!!!
friendly, marie