Monday, December 10, 2007

My Bestseller

Emma Alvarez, one of the most fabulous people I've met while blogging, runs the Emma Alvarez Site: Cultural curiosities, stories of History, music, cinema, art, nature... And much to tell. When asked, she graciously suggested that I write about my bestseller.

And, without being vain, I believe I have three! Honestly, it makes me feel ecstatic to think about this and realize that while people do enjoy my work, there are three very specific creations that keep many customers coming to visit with me.

Bead Box for Beginners of All Ages!

Originally created as an age appropriate, handmade gift for my overly inquisitive niece, I started offering these on my blog and in my Etsy shop. One of my customers purchased a box as a way to spend time with her 10-year old daughter and I had a BLAST putting together goodies for BOTH of them! Here's what she wrote to me when they had received their Bead Box:

"OMG, Staci I absolutely love this!! My daughter was so excited she literally ran home! We made two necklaces and hers is so pretty. She used the blue star along with coordinating colors! We bought some elastic to make bracelets and more necklaces! Thank you for this we are truly truly happy."

Vino Hot Stuff - Wine Cork Trivets

Not only are these recycled, functional art, but they seem to be the perfect gift for the gourmet that has everything! Each trivet is unique in the corks that are used are NEVER the same combination or arrangement, and they can work as a trivet or even a mini cork board! And, I have a heck of a lot of fun creating these!

Custom Orders

I LOVE CREATING CUSTOM ORDERS! It's not a matter of following directions but listening very carefully to someones wants and desires and making that real! Something to wear, something to remember their mother, something special just for them. And, when everything comes together, the gratitude and joy absolutely warms my heart!

"Both pairs of earrings are even more beautiful than expected, PERFECT! Fantastic communication! Wonderful seller, she really listens to what you want! Thank you so much!!!" "Thank you so much for my stunning and special custom bracelet, I love it. I enjoyed doing business with you. Great communication, very friendly and nice to work with."

"Where do I start? Staci custom made this set especially for me, and not only is it the most beautiful thing I've ever owned, it's the most beautiful jewelry I've ever SEEN, PERIOD. But if you're ehre checking out her feedback, then you probably have already figured out that she's an amazing designer, so let me tell you about the quality and craftsmanship. I am wowed by the clasp on the necklace. I've had several necklaces with clasps that weakened and fell open while I was wearing them - this clasp is guaranteed for that never to happen, since it's got this nifty little hook-and-click mechanism. Definitely worth noting. She pays attention to the little things. :) Also, I got to know Staci a bit through our convos {email messages } when working on a custom order, she takes a LOT of care in drawing information out to see what you'd love. And is vastly successful in that endeavor, I might add.} and she's become a really good friend. I don't know what else to say other than that she is absolutely terrific, a gem of a gal, and is absolutely terrific at what she does. Buy from her! She'll likely have a famous line some day and you can say you've got a Staci Rose original!!!"

I LOVE to create and when that feeling of joy is passed on to others, I believe that's even better!

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