Friday, December 7, 2007

100th Post & Nice Matters!

Indifference scares me. We live on a fairly large globe full of myriad of living beings and it's difficult to grasp that love, companionship, and kindness do not have their places as well.

At least, I believe nice matters. And, when I needed help, I got it, and am proud to pass this award on to Rose Haven Cottage and Diane Clancy.

And, I will be dedicating my next three posts to some fabulous ideas!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage suggested that I blog about the piece that you've made that was the hardest for you to sell because you fell in love with it as you created it. Which actually happens a lot to many artists! Please visit her blog by clicking the banner below:

Diane Clancy said, "I want to hear about your hopes and dreams and what you are doing to fulfill them! " And, you can visit her art blog by clicking her banner:

And, a shout-out to the wonderful woman that gave me this award and deserves it a million times over, Emma Alvarez suggested that I write about my bestseller. Take a peek at her fabulous blog by clicking her banner:

Thank you for making my 100th post special!

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Emma Alvarez said...

My dear Staci, keep on your good work and Cheers for your 100th post!!!