Saturday, December 8, 2007

Diane Clancy - Enhancing My Spirit

Diane Clancy, a fellow WWAO and Etsy artist said to me, "I want to hear about your hopes and dreams and what you are doing to fulfill them! "

I think this is a loaded question and I'll try my best to answer it honestly and as artistically unpretentiously as I can!

I have had my creative spirit yanked right out from under me. After an accident, I suffered major trauma and am now a chronic pain patient. I have always been an artist or crafter in some way or another but after the accident I was immobilized for quite some time. And, oil painting in bed just wasn't very practical! Besides that, I suffer from increasingly painful TMD and while my voice still exists, speaking, singing, even sneezing is painful!

My hopes and dreams are to heal. But, it might mean healing in a way where I might still encounter my pain, but be able to continue my art. I still sing in a Salsa/Klezmer band, Meshuggenismo. I am highly medicated and I end up in bed for days afterwards easing that pain. But, when I sing, I am in love with my band, the music, our audience! I tell my doctors: "It's good for my soul, bad for my face."

And, while I still have medical issues that keep me from my canvases, on those good days, I paint up a storm!

In the meanwhile and sometimes on those bad days, I use my talents to create gemstone jewelery or decorate picture frames - I connect with other artists, work on my Etsy Shop and write in my blog.

Quite simply, I dream of finding my place in my own world. A new world, a world that has drastically changed and hope I can find a new self that fits and enjoys her art.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Staci,

Thank you so so much for telling us (me) about this!! I really am honored to know you more.

I am so sorry for your pain and ill health ... I know it is a royal drag. I also understand how sometimes doing things that are foolish physically are important for our spirits!!

I have a chronic illness (Crohns) that I have had for decades and it has really dominated my life. Often I cannot do much. Things are better than they were ... but I have a lot of physical ups and downs.

I am sorry for your hardship but delighted to know you in another way!! Thank you!

~ Diane Clancy

Hisham said...

Nice article!!

silent storm said...

I've always been awed by people whose drive to pursue their passion conquers all odds (or at least most of it). People like you are indeed an inspiration. Plus your an artist, which is one of my frustrations! :)

Tomas Karkalas said...

My own story was miraculously alike. Thus your persistence in creativity was like a best medicine to me. Thank you for the uplifting example. While reading you I was reminded about the necessity of joy and wonder in our life.
Life circumstances have changed my oil painting into the digital, but colors didn't stop talking. I hope you will enjoy the light on and visit my other blogs.
Be well, my dear friend.