Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vibrant AquaPinks...Got Your Shades On?

I am having a bit of a rough start today. I have some pain and anxiety and a meeting later where I have to talk...with my mouth...that hurts. Hopefully, she can understand me! Did I mention, the water was turned off? They're doing maintenance from 11am-2pm...there just isn't a good time to turn it off, maintenance or not.

But, I was happily surprised when a message in my inbox said:

hello - you're in my TW
best wishes

I was in for a real treat! The colors were beautiful and she even included one of my oil paintings! You can view this Etsy Treasury until Sunday, July 6th by clicking below!

Nifty Knits

Hand knitted flowers, jewelry and collectibles.

I used to knit all the time when my kids were small, but rediscovered it recently during a period of time off sick from "the day job". I'm really enjoying getting the creative juices going once more, and have already got a considerable stash of yarn itching to be turned into items to sell! I recycle clean packaging when I can get my hands on it, both to save the trees and to keep your costs down. Click on her banner and visit her site!

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niftyknits said...

ooooooooo thank you, there's a surprise...specially when I saw the tags to your blog. niftyknits and nude painting LOL