Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Artists Rock

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. He doesn't like to celebrate his birthday so I made sure to give him a gift, go out shopping with him, have lunch out, and take him to a bar that evening with open mic night, and then a pizza slice before we came home. It was great, he had a wonderful time, and I got up to sing Happy Birthday to him.

Don't look at me that way! He had a FABULOUS time!

Today, I am recuperating! My band, Meshuggenismo, will be performing at a wedding on August 9th, and I'm getting excited to sing in front of an audience, again. And, after last nights applaud for my efforts, I'm feeling very good about the upcoming show, my abilities as an artist, and those people that share my loves! So, when an Etsy Treasury became available, I dedicated it to my favorite artists, WWAO & EBSQ, and their artistic homage to music. You can click below to view this treasury until Saturday, August 2nd.

In case you miss these artists, you can click below to view their work!

Curio Castle of the Mystic Griffin

WillowGroveStudio~~ Modern Figurative Oil Paintings

Karen Casey-Smith__Mandalas, Photography & Digital Art

Muriel’s Artshop

Nathan Gazin

Sujati Designs

LD photography

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creativeFlutter said...

Thanks so much for including me in this rockin treasury! I appreciate it!