Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Ophelia

I miss my grandmother.

We were extremely close, she and I were extremely different, and she was extremely adept at holding our family together...She had the Nice Jewish Girl dream for me and didn't understand my passion for art until much later in her life. It was a necklace that she received many compliments for and couldn't get enough of, so I made her as many as I could. And, after being ill for over six years I was not only proud that she enjoyed the jewelry and art I sent her, but happy to give her everything she wanted that I could give to her.

She passed away over one year ago. Not a second goes by that my thoughts don't wander to my grandmother. I miss my grandmother.

So, to see a lovely Etsy Treasury dedicated to Grandma Ophelia's 90th birthday that included one of my gemstone bracelets, I became very nostalgic. It's a lovely treasury and you can view it by clicking below until Sunday, August 24th.

Ophelia Miller Boutique

Hi and welcome....

Ophelia is my grandmother, who is precious and dear to me. This shop was named after her as an honor to her while she's still with me. The hummingbird logo is inspired from her. She is a collector of hummingbirds from ceramic pieces to clothing.

Ophelia Miller bags are quality hand made totes, diaper bags and purses. Each one has been made with meticulous care. Quality fabrics and notions are used. These bags range from a variety of styles from Hip chic to cottage chic. These styles reflect the potpourri of styles that are dear to me. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy shopping.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

He Must Be Premenstrual

...because, I can't think of anything else. He's been moody, grumpy, hot and cold, and annoying as all get out. Yes...I love him - which is why he's been allowed to throw his tantrums. But, we're both adults and it's getting old.

I happened to be talking to my sister, venting about the obnoxious behavior when she asked, "Is he premenstrual?" After we had a good laugh, I was able to get an Etsy Treasury and dedicate it solely to my DH and the many moods of the minute!

I you miss this treasury, these artists can be found by clicking their names below!

Maidenhand Felted Fibers

One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Designs by Lori Bugaj

Moody Girl Aromatherapy

Paintings Galore

Nifty Stuff Made by Voz

Pretty Girl Things

Monday, August 11, 2008

Behind the Moon, the Sun, the Sea

I've been sick. I mean, flu, cold, lung infection...absolutely miserable. So, it was nice to see an Etsy Treasury dedicated to the beauty of the earth that included a pair of my gemstone earrings! ( You can click on the image below to view until Wednesday, August 13th.

As for tonight, I am going to swim in the sea of cough syrup, breath in the inhaler, and try to refrain from mooning anyone while I'm hopped up and feeling ill.

But, you should visit this Treasury's creator: atelier marie mella - original and unique oil paintings. She has wonderful art, is a completely wonderful person and all you need to do is click the banner below!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Bracelets on Ebay!

I have been creating. That includes bracelets...four of which I have added to my Ebay Shop, Staci Rose Designs. You can purchase these bracelets directly from my shop, just click on the text or the store name at the top/right hand side of the page. Thank you!

Pele's Passion
Agate & Red Jasper Bracelet

Zebra Petals
Zebra Jasper, Rose Quartz & Pearl Bracelet

Sweet Blues
Chalcedony, Aventurine & Pearl Bracelet

Garden Shadows
Blackstone, Obsidian, Yellow Turquoise, Tree Agate, Pearl, Zoisite, Tourmaline, Fancy Jasper, Rhyolite & Peridot Bracelet

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Babies Everywhere...Tiny Inspirations

There are two new babies in my life. One, a friends of ours just had a little, or should I say, huge baby. He has features from both his parents and I was very happy to see him and hold him in the hospital. His mother, a friend of mine, had a rough pregnancy and was ready to give birth nine months ago...but, surrounded by friends and family with her baby, she glowed.

The second, we just attended his Brit Milah or in Yiddish, his Bris on Friday. He is my cousins second child but first boy. My cousins were very proud of their new addition to the family as was my Great Aunt. Actually, she was a little too excited. When she asked when DH and I were going to have children, I put my arm around DH's neck and said, "Well, we've been trying to get pregnant, but DH just hasn't been able to." Everyone laughed and she left us alone. (PS...I find, when someone says something absurd to you and you respond with something absurd as well, they usually leave you alone.)

At any rate, I created some picture frames, thinking about the babies, and little ones in our lives, in the lives of my clients - recently one client asked me to create two picture frames for her Grand Nieces! I hope you enjoy my new offerings!

Monkey Fun

Elephant Playtime

Purple & Zebras
Currently available in my Etsy Shop

Peter Rabbit
5"x7" Custom Order - Sold

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to purchase one of these frames or have one customized for you!

Friday, August 1, 2008

WWAO August 2008 Showcase - "Fly Away"

Big thanks to Chel from Lava Jewelry for hosting this wonderful, online exhibit! Please click on the banner to view in it's entirety...make sure to take a look around at Lava Jewelry while you're there!

You can also click on the images below to view each artist's websites!