Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Ophelia

I miss my grandmother.

We were extremely close, she and I were extremely different, and she was extremely adept at holding our family together...She had the Nice Jewish Girl dream for me and didn't understand my passion for art until much later in her life. It was a necklace that she received many compliments for and couldn't get enough of, so I made her as many as I could. And, after being ill for over six years I was not only proud that she enjoyed the jewelry and art I sent her, but happy to give her everything she wanted that I could give to her.

She passed away over one year ago. Not a second goes by that my thoughts don't wander to my grandmother. I miss my grandmother.

So, to see a lovely Etsy Treasury dedicated to Grandma Ophelia's 90th birthday that included one of my gemstone bracelets, I became very nostalgic. It's a lovely treasury and you can view it by clicking below until Sunday, August 24th.

Ophelia Miller Boutique

Hi and welcome....

Ophelia is my grandmother, who is precious and dear to me. This shop was named after her as an honor to her while she's still with me. The hummingbird logo is inspired from her. She is a collector of hummingbirds from ceramic pieces to clothing.

Ophelia Miller bags are quality hand made totes, diaper bags and purses. Each one has been made with meticulous care. Quality fabrics and notions are used. These bags range from a variety of styles from Hip chic to cottage chic. These styles reflect the potpourri of styles that are dear to me. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy shopping.


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my Grandmother. I'm sad to say that she's been recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I'm glad that she made it to the big 9-0 !!
Your bracelet is beautiful and deserves to be in many treasuries!!!

Staci Rose said...

I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but you really do have to celebrate whatever you can, whenever you can! Really...who knows about tomorrow!

Thanks so much for such a nice compliment!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

wow i think its my first time here.. you have such a wonderful blog! so much art going on and i love the paintings and bracelets too! im pretty sure your grandma is so proud of you! well *cheers for her birthday and hope you both surpass all the trials.. that is life and we just need to treat each day as precious. you are both in my prayers.. 8)