Saturday, August 16, 2008

He Must Be Premenstrual

...because, I can't think of anything else. He's been moody, grumpy, hot and cold, and annoying as all get out. Yes...I love him - which is why he's been allowed to throw his tantrums. But, we're both adults and it's getting old.

I happened to be talking to my sister, venting about the obnoxious behavior when she asked, "Is he premenstrual?" After we had a good laugh, I was able to get an Etsy Treasury and dedicate it solely to my DH and the many moods of the minute!

I you miss this treasury, these artists can be found by clicking their names below!

Maidenhand Felted Fibers

One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Designs by Lori Bugaj

Moody Girl Aromatherapy

Paintings Galore

Nifty Stuff Made by Voz

Pretty Girl Things

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