Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Spy Something White - A Flurry of EBSQ Artists

I live in San Francisco and weather here might be somewhat predictable, but you can depend on the skies not snowing during winter. A downpour of torrential rain, maybe, but in such a hilly town PERFECT for snow time shenanigans, the skies above the city itself will not snow.

Instead, I think back to winter in Vermont or Vancouver, BC and enjoy Etsy Treasuries like the one Amanda from Makepeace Arts created. She very graciously included my Customized Birthstone Earrings. You can view by clicking the image below until Thursday, October 30th.

Makepeace Arts

"I like to take things from nature that we ignore, take for granted or trod upon without a second glance as my subjects. This most often happens to be stones, rocks and pebbles. They come in more colors than just grey and brown - we need only look a little closer. Beauty can be found in the simplest things."

Click on her banner to view her lovely Etsy Shop!

For more information on the arts and artists,
please visit Kris Jean's article at EBSQ: Art Meets Blog v.20!

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