Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn Inspirations

I love the seasons of transition - Spring and Fall. I can relate to change so deeply that I enjoy watching the world change right before my eyes. The stunning scape of trees sleeping and leaves painted and falling. The beauty, the diversity and not to mention a great harvest! Squash, pomegranate, corn, apples - pumpkin pie, pomegranate salad, corn on the cob and cider.

I'm getting hungry...

Yesterday & Now
Polymer Clay Pendant

Coastal Mood
Gemstone Bracelet

Changing Moods
Gemstone & Wood Necklace

Fall Festival
Glass Beaded Wine Charms

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1 comment:

Bronwyn, said...

I like your Coastal Mood gemstone bracelet Staci! :-) I also like your creation near the bottom of the page, with all the different yellowish gemstones.