Friday, March 6, 2009

I Like Custom Work...Remember?

And, here's more! Not only do I create picture frames to match that perfect event, but jewelry to match the perfect sentiment!

Lapis & Moonstone on Sterling Silver Chain.

Multitude of Gemstones and wood beaded Necklace & Bracelet.

Glass Eye to Ward off the Evil Eye with various glass beads.

Chalcedony faceted beads on Sterling Silver chain.

Two pairs of Mother's Earrings!
Left: Tourmaline, Peridot & Quartz.
Right: Blue Topaz & Ruby.

Please don't be shy about asking me to create custom work for you! It's true, there are some artists that do not like customized pieces - but, I say bring on a beautiful challenge!


Sarah said...

All gorgeous, but i love the gemstone necklace and bracelet set - i think its all the colours :)

Staci Rose said...

It's funny you say that!

I probably had the most artistic license with that piece. She gave me general information, I got to know her a bit, and voila.

I also created a pair of earrings to was really fun to work on!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pieces. my favourite is the lapis and moonstone pendant.

Lynda Lehmann said...

All are very beautiful, Staci!